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Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental Traction

This therapy is a very comfortable therapy used to stretch out tight spinal muscles and joints to help improve function and mobility of the spine. It also helps exercise these associated supporting muscles and ligaments of the spine to allow your adjustments to hold better and last longer. The patient lies face up on a bench-type table while rollers move up and down the spine in a circular pattern. The circular motion of the rollers helps improve the blood supply to the area allowing the surrounding spinal joints and discs to get the necessary nutrients needed for proper function. Decreased circulation can cause abnormal wear and tear to the spine resulting in disc thinning and degeneration, often referred to as arthritis.

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  • "I went for my first time and loved it. The staff there was so kind and helpful, not to mention my back feels so much better!"
    Rhiannon F.

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