Lost 61 lbs and 63 inches in 6 months!

 Lost 69.8 lbs and 59.25 inches in 5 months!

What made you decide to do Ideal Protein? 
Ideal Protein has a wide variety of food choices.

How has this diet changed your life? 
The diet has helped me to lose unwanted weight that was making me unhealthy and putting a strain on my vital organs; like my heart. I have been able to stop taking my blood sugar and high blood pressure medications.

What advice would you give to a future Ideal Protein Dieter? 
Be committed to the diet! Working out definitely works to take off weight quicker and make you feel much better. I hate to exercise but when I do I feel so much better and I lose more weight.

Currently has lost 67 lbs and 68.25 inches in 7 months!

Lost 16 lbs and 20.25 inches in 10 weeks!